Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance for Skiers and Snowboarders

Our trusted partners World Nomads provide simple, flexible and cost competitive insurance for skiers and snowboarders traveling to Japan.

With any travel it’s always good to be fully prepared and insured in the unlikely event that something might go wrong.

World Nomads provides coverage for individuals and families including the cost of emergency medical care while in Japan.  They also look after things such as trip delays and cancellations, lost or delayed gear including skis and snowboards, and medical repatriation to North America if required.

They are one of the few companies to provide the option to cover backcountry skiing and snowboarding including heliskiing and cat skiing.

They provide 24 hour international assistance and a simple online claims process.  We personally have been using World Nomads for more than 10 years and highly recommend their coverage and service.

As with any insurance please be sure to read the fine print and make sure that you have the appropriate level of coverage for the travel and activities you will be undertaking.

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